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     PerfectClock is a skinnable, flexible, fast and highly customizable program displaying an unlimited number of World-Time clocks on your desktop.

     PerfectClock keeps you in time across as many time zones as you wish. No more wasting your time working out the local time anywhere in the world - each clock can show any time zone you require.

     Version 3.0 new feature TrayClock, allows to place AS MANY clocks (digital, analogue, calendars...) in SystemTray as you wish! All Post-processing, Schemes and Transparency adjustments are also available for TrayClocks.

     Professionally designed Wallpaper Clocks by famous design studio VladStudio can be displayed right on your desktop or can be run as your Screensaver. More than 200 Wallpaper Clock Skins are available for download. All will amaze, but which will you say "WOW!" to?

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     An unlimited number of Alarms & Reminders will help ensure that you do not miss anything important in your life. Alarms can show a message and/or play sound. Alarms can be customised to a high level, try it and see!

Windows Vista compatible

     Render Labels feature will help keep your clocks in order. Just add "London", "Chicago", "New York" or any text labels to the corresponding clock. Font, position, color, transparency, shadow and more, all customisable to meet your requirements. Labels can be placed even bellow or above clock face.

     Post-processing feature allow you to customize any clock Hue, Saturation, Brightness & Contrast. You can chage ANY skin color scheme as you wish. New Render Reflection feature makes clock even more realistic...

     Atomic Time Clock Synchronization - PerfectClock can keep your computer time accurate using public SNTP servers. You can adjust synchronization options or disable this feature.

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     Perfect Usability - PerfectClock provides you a number of features which make program usage easy and pleasant. An unique "Force Stay On Top" feature forces Clocks for be on top of Screen Saver and Task Manager. Wallpaper Clock is visible even if Windows is locked. "Click Through" option makes clocks "click-transparent". Read more about Clock Helpers.

     Multilingual User Interface - PerfectClock is currently translated to English (American & Great Britain), French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Persian, Hungarian, Romanian, Moldavian Romanian, Serbian, Polish, Korean, Turkish, Hindi, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Afrikaans, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian languages. If you can translate PerfectClock to any other language, please visit our Translation Page.

     Unlimited Freedom for Skin Designers - The program is built on a high quality scriptable skin engine. This gives designers an unlimited freedom creating their own clocks. Read more...

     Our goal is to make PerfectClock worth its name! Let's work together: Please provide us a Feedback, Request Features and Report bugs. If you have any comments or sugestions, feel free to contact us at

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PerfectClock ver 4.5 Released
Option to display Wallpaper Clock on All monitors simultaneously. New scripting abbilities. 02 November 2009

PerfectClock ver 4.1 Released
New script variables and synchronization options. Minor bug fixes. 12 May 2009

PerfectClock WebClock!
We have launcehd WebClock project. Now you can place your favorite clocks right on your web-site or blog! 30 December 2008

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Time is money. We\'ve known it for years. Now we know it\'s also an art.


A really good piece of software for what it does. I really like the animated wallpaper especially...
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PerfectClock users all over the world!
PerfectClock users all over the world!

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